The Context Room

Do you know about Luna's newest feature?

Visit The Context Room, open before and after every performance!

What's The Context Room?
An interactive museum of sorts designed to give you more ways to connect with the plays we produce! Want to learn more about the playwright and the influences that inspired the writing of the play? Or perhaps dig deeper into the time period, the location or the characters? How about taking a peek into our designers' inspiration in creating the production? Where does the story resonate in our world today and in your life? Explore all of this and more in The Context Room.

When is it open?
One hour before showtime, at intermission if we have one, and for half an hour afterwards. You can also join us for a short pre-show talk 45 minutes before every performance. So come early, grab a cupcake, and settle in. Bonus: you'll also beat the parking crunch!

What does it cost?
It's totally free! Here at Luna Stage, we're always thinking of new ways to illuminate your world.‚Äč

Do you do this for every show? Why don't I know about it?
Yup! Every time you come for a MainStage show, there will be a new Context Room to explore, based on what we think will be most useful to you in taking the journey of the play. It's a brand new feature we added for our audiences last season, so you may not be aware of it yet - but we hope it'll become a regular part of your Luna experience.

Sounds fun! What else do you want me to know?
We think of The Context Room as an engagement space, meaning you and your ideas are a crucial part of it! There will always be parts of the room that are interactive, but we'll also have a staff member on site in the room to answer questions and engage in discussion.

So... when can I come?
Each and every time you come see a MainStage performance! We can't wait to welcome you.

Questions? Email Kaitlin, our resident dramaturg, at

The Context Room
The Context Room