Student & Senior Matinees

Student/Senior Matinees @ Luna | 2018-2019 Season

Our 2018-2019 Season will feature four extraordinary new plays filled with humor, heart, and imagination. Set in locations ranging from Manhattan to Malawi, from Omaha to Afghanistan, each of these plays features a diverse cast and offers a unique perspective on how we bridge cultural and ideological divides.

Start time: 10:00 am

Student Tickets: $16
Sell-Out Price: $1,500
Chaperones: Free (limit 4 per school)

Single Tickets: $32
Group Tickets, 10 or more: $25/each
Group Season Pass (all four shows), 10 or more: $20/each

Ticket price includes pre-show educational activities in the Context Room, performance, post-show discussion with cast, study guide (available to school groups one week prior to first performance), and optional LunaLit text-to-text connection activities.


PIRIRA by J.Stephen Brantley

Dates Available:
10/11 - Sold Out/Glenfield
10/18 – Schools/Available
10/25 – Seniors/Available
Winner: New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Premiere of a Play
As the African nation Malawi erupts in riots around them, American aid workers Jack and Ericka take shelter in the storage room of a struggling NGO. Half a world away, Malawian student Gilbert and his gay co-worker Chad begin another day in the back room of a Manhattan florist. This powerful new play explores the challenges of international aid across interpersonal borders, and how we bridge seemingly impossible cultural divides.
THEMES: Education for girls/women, HIV/AIDS, water scarcity, NGO activism, Africa

THE ASSIGNMENT by Camilo Almonacid

Dates Available:
12/5 - Sold Out/Glenfield
12/10 - Schools Available
Gun violence ripped apart their lives, now literature will help them heal. Julian J. Torres, a 37-year-old, recently-paroled scholarship recipient, bursts into Professor Helen Payne's office -- he has missed the first session of her contemporary literature course. He first talks his way back into class, and the two become unlikely friends connected through the power of great literature. Funny, painful, and hopeful, The Assignment reminds us that there is life after the unthinkable. Inspired by real conversations with perpetrators of gun violence and families of victims.
THEMES: Gun violence (from the perspective of both victim and perpetrator), prison re-entry challenges, literature as a catalyst for connection and change

ROAN @ THE GATES by Christina Gorman

Dates Available:
2/6 – TBD Sold Out/Glenfield
2/13 – Students/Available
2/20 – Seniors/Available
A World Premiere
How far would you go to do the right thing? Against a backdrop of Cambridge Analytica and fake news, Roan at the Gates is a fictional investigation into cyber-security inspired by the shadowy figure of Edward Snowden's girlfriend. Roan, an NSA Analyst, isn't even allowed to tell her wife the location of her next business trip. When her personal life collides with national security, it launches a beautiful and high-stakes adventure that illuminates the cost of secrecy.
THEMES: Internet privacy, personal responsibility, LGBTQ+, technology’s impact on our world

HEARTLAND by Gabriel Jason Dean

Dates Available:
4/10 – Seniors/Available
4/17- Sold Out/Glenfield
4/24 – Students/Available
Dr. Harold Banks is a retired professor of Comparative Literature and Afghan Studies, waiting for his adopted daughter to return from teaching in Afghanistan. When Nazrullah, an Afghan refugee, arrives in Nebraska bearing Harold's daughter's copies of The Diary of Anne Frank and The Old Man and the Sea, the two men become unlikely roommates. Set in both Maidan Shar and Omaha, Heartland is the story of a family, a secret, and an extraordinary friendship.
THEMES: Cross-cultural relationships, non-traditional family, personal responsibility, Middle East

To book your student matinee please contact our Education Coordinator Alexa Teebo at or 973-395-5551 ext 10.