2003-2004 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

January 29 - February 22, 2004

The Other Side of Newark

By Enid Rudd

*** World Premiere ***

Directed by Jane Mandel

A white teacher in the 1930's Newark School system sets out to improve the life of one of her black students, but good intentions lead to a wall of racism and religious intolerance that may be impenetrable. decades later the tables are turned, the teacher's life has changed... and so has Newark.

Place and time: A teacherís lounge in Newark in the '30s.
Rose's House in the '30s and the '50s.
A hospital room in the '80s.

Starring: Kenneth Boys, Antoinette Doherty, Chantal Jean Pierre, Dana Jones, and Kirk Mouser.
Production and Design: Michael Aquino (Production Stage Manager), Jacqueline Deniz Young (Assistant Stage Manager), Jack Moore (Assistant Stage Manager), J. Wiese (Scenic Design), Mary Ann Hoag (Lighting Design), Amy Ritchings (Costume Design), Vin Scelsa (Sound Design), David VanderHeyden (Sound Design), Lehner & Whyte (Poster/Program Design), and Jesse Monahan (Technical Director).

The Other Side of Newark
The Other Side of Newark
The Other Side of Newark

Life After Luna

Optioned for a NYC production by The StoryLine Project
Starring: Antoinette Doherty, Kirk Mouser, and Dana Jones.