2002-2003 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

November 14 - December 8, 2002

Voice of Good Hope

By Kristine Thatcher

*** East Coast Premiere ***

Directed by Brian Schnipper

This play depicts the complex personal and political life of the late Texas congresswoman Barbara Jordan, following her rise from a Houston ghetto through her pivotal role in Nixon's impeachment, to her struggle with multiple sclerosis. It examines the tension between ideals and pragmatism in the political realm, and asks how much one can compromise in order to effect change?

Time and Place:
Prologue: August 1994
Act I Scene I: The Summer of 1948
Act I Scene II: Winter 1975
Act II Scene I: Early Frebruary, 1990
Act II Scene II August, 1994

Starring: Samantha Brunson, Debra Cerruti, Frankie Faison, Chantal Jean-Pierre, Bill Tatum, Carol Todd, and Marcella Lowery.
Production and Design: Kirk Mouser (Production Stage Manager), Michael Aquino (Assistant Stage Manager), Anna Rabinowitz (2nd Assistant Stage Manager), Brian Shnipper (Set Design), J. Wiese (Lighting/Slide Design), Penny Laughman (Costume Design), Lance Michel (Sound Design), Garlanda Washington (Light Board Operator), Peter Jacobs (Poster/Program Design), Penny Laughman (Wardrobe), and Hayoung Yoon (Scenic Painting).

Voice of Good Hope
Voice of Good Hope
Voice of Good Hope