1999-2000 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

March 3 - March 26, 2000

Women's Work: A Festival of Theatre Focusing on Women

The festival focuses on work which is in process and includes a wide range of styles. The festival provides a forum for the work to "get on its feet" before an audience, often for the first time. Each weekend will showcase a different work.

Festival Production and Design: Jeff Greenberg (Lighting Designer), Julia Hahn (Technical Director), and Stephanie M. Bell (Stage Manager)

Tom Waits, Me and Dogs

Tom Waits, Me and Dogs
Written, conceived and performed by Barbara Baker
Directed by Jane Mandel
Multi-media, one women show, using Tom Waits' music and words as a springboard for an examination of present day mid-life. Weaving the music with her storytelling, Ms. Baker reflects on life, marriage, family, friends and self.

Like Bees to Honey
Written by Andrea Green
Directed by Teresa Choate
An unconventional, poetic account of women and addiction. That explores the seduction of drugs and alcohol, revealing the secret lives of five women who struggle with substance abuse.

The Romeo and Juliet Outreach Project: The Voice of Jali
Adapted and Directed by Josette Murray-Ballo
The piece merges the tradition of the West African Jali or storyteller with the text of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This passionate performance takes us on a journey that attempts to move us away from violence towards a 'culture of peace'.

The Medea Project
Translated by Eleanor Wilner and Ines Azar
Directed by Vincent Dopulos
After saving Jason's life and helping him succeed in his trials, Medea is rejected and abandoned. She defies the world's expectations, choosing passion, violence and revenge.