2016-2017 Season

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January 9, 2017

The Eleventh Hour

by Cathy Tempelsman

Can we ever talk honestly about the true cost of war if we're never allowed to say that a soldier died in vain? Based on largely unknown congressional hearings that took place just after World War I, The Eleventh Hour is a political story, a personal story, and a mystery. When a young woman from Boston seeks the truth about her brother's death on the last day of combat, she discovers that war and heroism are more complicated than she imagined.

Meet The Playwright

Cathy Tempelsman

In her writing, Cathy Tempelsman is drawn to hidden figures and events from history. Her first full-length work, A Most Dangerous Woman, is based on the remarkable, little-known life of George Eliot and was nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. The script was also a finalist for the Terrence McNally New Play Award (given to an American work that "celebrates the transformative power of art") and the Francesca Primus Playwriting Prize, and had its world premiere at Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, directed by Richard Maltby, Jr. Tempelsman's new play, The Eleventh Hour, is based on a highly partisan investigation into the last day of combat during World War I. The script combines fictional characters with real figures of the period; much of the controversial testimony comes from hearings, largely unknown today, of the 66th Congress.

She is currently working on an Individual Artist Commission from the New York State Council for the Arts (NYSCA) to develop a one-act, As You Loathe It, into a full-length work. Written in rhymed couplets, the script was originally produced by Stageworks/Hudson as part of its Short Play Festival. Other one-acts include Dog Days (Luna Stage); A Blessing on Your Sole (Barrow Group Theater); and Missing (Boston Playwrights Theatre, Barrow Group), published by Smith and Kraus. Tempelsman, a member of the Dramatists Guild, has three grown children and lives with her husband in New York City. She is deeply grateful to Cheryl Katz and Luna for their support over the years.