2015-2016 Season

Luna Stage Production History. Celebrating 26 Seasons!

March 24 - March 25, 2016

DayMares and NightDreams

Written and Directed by Doriane Swain

Thursday, March 24th and Friday, March 25th at 8pm

Music by Steven Lawton, Ryan Unis, Dr. Robert Banks

Cast: Joan Jeungling, Cely Riva, Arielle Lèger, Doriane Swain

DayMares and NightDreams takes passages written at the peak of madness to unfurl the inner workings of a downward spiral. Drenched in chilling truths and relieving satire, DayMares drips of the inner sludge driving many of us to just feel better... or not feel at all. A surreal tale about X and her shadows, DayMares is told through monologue and verse, song and dance, movement and sound. The story takes place in the solitude of X and in the mind of X. What we witness is the subconscious chase for relief as seen through the lens of our protagonist and three alternate aspects of her character.

Tickets are $20 (+$2 processing online fee).

Doriane Swain

An actor and playwright, Doriane Swain has appeared in contemporary, classical, and musical theatre throughout the tri-state area. Thanks to Anne Timmings' writing workshops, Doriane's unique ability to weave humor thorugh cadaverous themes developed into a fine craft. Her aim is to take an audience, kicking and screaming (and laughing), on a wild, tumultuous ride through life's quirky demise all reeling toward the tunnel's light.

DayMares debuted in November 2014 at Manhattan Repertoire Theatre in Times Square under the tuteledge of Ken Wolfe, Artistic Director. Doriane thanks the staff of Luna Stage for the opportunity to produce her work and for being an oasis for artistic expression.

DayMares and NightDreams