2015-2016 Season

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February 8, 2016

Perfect by Lesley Scammell

Alison, having recently moved to the neighborhood to escape a devastating past, decides it is time to invite her new neighbors over for drinks. Robert, her husband, prefers the company of his dog. Adam, the neighbor, is only too happy to accept the invitation, as hed like a word with Robert about the matter of the dog digging up his radishes. Charlotte, his pregnant wife, is just happy to meet new people and share the joy of her impending motherhood. But as the evening and the days progress, the two couples and the dog (who has problems of his own) are forced to ponder what it means to live in an imperfect world and how to love each other under the direst of circumstances.

Meet The Writer

Lesley Scammell

Although born and brought up in England, Lesley has spent the majority of her adult life in the US where she now lives permanently. She received a fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts for her first play, Make Me an Angel and using the award money spent three years as an itinerant working and writing for theatre companies in Ireland, Omaha and Seattle before returning to New York to do an MFA in Playwriting.

In 1999 she moved to Hong Kong with her husband and worked on a novel as the English-speaking theatre scene was practically non-existent. Even after returning to the States and a two year stint in England she spent several years writing prose and a few years not writing much at all as she was caring for her daughter and wading through piles of laundry. She recently returned to writing for the theatre and now steps carefully around the piles of laundry on her way to the computer.

Lesley's plays have been seen at The Shooting gallery, MCC Theatre and New Dramatists in New York and Show of Strength Theatre in Bristol, England as well as Blue Barn Theatre in Omaha and Circle Rep in Seattle. The German Lullaby, a short film for which she wrote the screenplay, received Best Short film awards in the following festivals; 2008 International Film Festival, England; 2008 Reelheart International Film Festival, Toronto; Silver Award Best Short International Filmmakers; Honorable mentions in New York Downtown Short Film Festival 2008; and Accolade Awards 2007. She has been a finalist for EST's Marathon, a Jerome Fellowship, a Princess Grace Award and has twice been waitlisted for Yaddo where she hopes to actually go one of these days and where, she hears, there will be no laundry except her own.