Luna Stage
Dave Stryker in Concert, 2012. Jared Gold, Piano; Dave Stryker, Guitar; McClenty Hunter, Jr, Drums. (Photo Credit: Christopher Drukker)

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Luna Stage's 2019-2020 Season features three extraordinary new plays - filled with humor, heart, and imagination - set in locations ranging from urban American to ancient Egypt and 1933 Berlin. The plays feature diverse casts, and investigate the most challenging social issues facing us today.

$20/student or $1600 for entire theatre (100 seats)
Includes pre-show educational activities, performance, post show discussion with cast, study guide (available one week prior to first performance) and optional literature text-to-text connection activities.
Start Time: 10am*, Weekdays
*Later start times can be arranged with full-theatre rentals.

"With every new show my class went to, we saw yet another example of how wonderful theater can be." - Nico, age 13

"Each show was incredibly entertaining and unique. It was amazing seeing different stories from different perspectives. After every show we had a lot to talk about." - Arabella, age 14


Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library
by Jenny Lyn Bader
Dates Available: October 17-November 10

Johanna Stern will become one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. But at the moment, no one has heard of her, or even of the name she writes under, Hannah Arendt. She is merely a graduate student with one book under her belt. Karl Frick is a young officer, recently promoted from the criminal police force to the political police force, a new division in 1933 Berlin. His first interrogation in this new job promises to be his most challenging one. A fantastical drama about one of our deepest thinkers, inspired by real events.

Curriculum Connections: politics, philosophy, Hannah Arendt, World War II, anti-Semitism
Recommended for ages 12+

by Antoinette Nwandu
*2019 Winner Best Play, Lucille Lortel Award
Directed By: Devin Haqq
Dates Available: February 6-March 1

Moses and Kitch stand around on the corner talking smack, passing the time, and hoping that today a miracle will come. They stand by a lamppost in a present-day ghetto, but it's also a plantation and it's also Egypt, a city built by slaves. A provocative mashup of Waiting for Godot and the Exodus saga, PASS OVER exposes the unquestionable human spirit of young black men who dream about a promised land they've yet to find.

Content Advisory: PASS OVER contains loud gunshots and profanity.
Curriculum Connections: systemic racism, inner city, Black protagonists, heightened language
Recommended for ages 15+

by J.Stephen Brantley
Directed By: Ari Laura Kreith
Dates Available: April 16-May 17

Shruti Gupta Can Totally Deal is a Bollywood-tinged romance that explores what it means to be American. Shruti is a Dreamer (i.e. a DACA recipient) in her senior year of medical school at CUNY. She lives very efficiently in the apartment above her uncle's jewelry store in Queens, and leaves the drama to her brother Raj, the soon-to-be-married prince of the family. Then an unexpected encounter with Irish actor-musician Liam threatens all of Shruti's practical plans. As their romance blossoms, they navigate cultural traditions, ICE raids, and newly unfettered racism.

Curriculum Connections: immigration, cultural diversity, South Asian protagonists, contemporaty America, Bollywood
Recommended for ages 11+

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